Month: August 2017

Tips To Provide Adequate Military Healthcare

Adequate Military Healthcare

Providing military healthcare is not just for those who are involved with the military in the field or at boot camp. The military veteran hospitals are throughout the country and offer free medical treatment to former and current military personnel. You might encounter more injuries from battle or treatments for exposure to hazardous materials while they were overseas. The following are tips to provide adequate healthcare for current and former military members.

The most important thing that you can do when dealing with someone who is or was in the military is give them a list of things they need to do. Aftercare is often overlooked by many people who are healing but it is always paramount to do the appropriate therapy and take the appropriate medication until the doctor says otherwise. A daily checklist is something a doctor should write out for the patient as this will make it easier to complete daily. The right pair of shoes from TOMS could be the answer for an ankle injury or compression for a knee injury could be the best course of action. Do not leave aftercare up to the patient but rather demand that they are proactive about it.

There are some doctors and nurses that are great at their jobs but lack a certain type of compassion which goes a long way with a veteran. The trauma that many of these men and women have witnessed can be immense so a smile and genuine concern will not be lost. Looking for signs of mental instability is important as well as the suicide rate for veterans is much higher than the national average. This does not mean that you as a doctor or nurse should counsel them but rather refer them to a professional. Intense cases of PTSD should be worked on by a certified mental health counselor as well as any medications that make these flashbacks diminish.

As you can see adequate medical care starts with caring about every single veteran that you treat on a daily basis. Treating each patient as the special person they are and for the amazing sacrifices they have made will make a world of difference.

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